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    Is your vitamin C going up in smoke? 03.2010

    Is your vitamin C going up in smoke?

    Smokers have much lower vitamin C levels compared to non-smokers, even when their diets contain equal amounts. A vitamin C supplement from Pharma Nord is a reliable and for smokers.

    People who enjoy a daily pack of cigarettes need to be extra careful about getting enough vitamin C. Because the body uses a little bit of vitamin C for every puff of smoke they inhale. Because of this, smokers have a much higher risk of having sub-optimal levels of vitamin C than non-smokers, even when they get the same amount of vitamin C from their diet.

    Tobacco robs the body of vitamin C

    The reason for this shortage is because tobacco smoke contains harmful substances that oxidize the body’s cells. The body has its own defense against this damage, but a lot of vitamin C is used in the process.

    A vital vitamin

    Once the vitamin C has been used to repair the damaging effects of the tobacco smoke, it needs to be replaced. And since humans are one of very few species that can not produce vitamin C on our own, this needs to be done through the diet or through supplements.

    Good supplements for smokers

    A high strength vitamin C supplement can help smokers prevent vitamin C deficiency. Pharma Nord has several different products containing vitamin C in a form which ensures a good absorption without upsetting the stomach. For more info, see your local Pharma Nord website to find out which products are available in your area.