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    Pharma Nord wins Dutch drugstore award for best release - 04.05.2009

    Pharma Nord wins Dutch drugstore award for best release

    On April 21, 2009 Pharma Nord in The Netherlands won the drugstore Award 2008 for best health release of the year. The award was given for the innovative product Bio-Bloeddruk (Bio-Blood Pressure), which may be of good help to the 4 million Dutch people with high blood pressure.

    The jury was especially impressed with the launch campaign. In partnership with Braun, a free blood pressure measurement was offered in drugstores all over the country. More than one thousand pharmacy employees were trained in making blood pressure measurements, and the campaign was an eye-opening experience for many customers who were made aware that they were carrying a hidden health risk in the form of high blood pressure.

    Thanks to Bio-Bloeddruk and the launch campaign, the participating drugstores were able to reach and attract a whole new group of customers in the blood pressure segment. The extra traffic generated by participating drugstores translated into measurably higher sales than in stores that did not join the campaign.